I have practiced as a professional psychotherapist since 2001.  Through my educational and academic experiences, I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of treatment environments, provide services to a variety of patients and receive training in various treatment modalities.  


My work experience has involved various institutions, including outpatient psychotherapeutic clinics, inpatient psychiatric facilities, nursing homes, a residential facility for individuals seeking political asylum, and medical hospitals.  Through these institutions I have worked with a broad range of patients ranging from toddlers to senior citizens.  My training and experience has involved various disorders, ranging from anxiety to depression to ADHD, as well as addressing various life stressors from divorce to abuse to trauma.  


Through my private practice, I continue to work with a variety of patients, while utilizing various therapeutic treatment approaches and psycho-diagnostic assessment tools designed to address the needs of my patients.  In those situations whereby my clinical experience is not sufficient to address a patient’s needs, I will assist the patient in acquiring appropriate services with another provider.